Pending World Record Spotted Bass Caught In California And Weighed On Video Is A TOTAL HOG Of A Fish

A pending fishing world record for Spotted Bass has been caught and weighed in California. The current IGFA world record for Spotted Bass is 10-pounds-6-ounces. That fish was caught by Timothy R. Little at the New Bullards Bar Reservoir in California back in 2015, but a larger fish has reportedly been caught and weighed by fisherman Nick Dulleck.

In a series of two videos, Nick has released footage of him weighing the pending world record bass and releasing it back into the lake after taking a series of measurements. In this first clip, you can see the pending world record Spotted Bass weighing in at 11.26 and 11.24 pounds, both weights that would set a new fishing world record:

In the second clip, we get to see Nick releasing this ABSOLUTE HOG back into the water and you really get a sense of how gigantic this pending world record fish really is:

Seriously, this fish is one of the beefiest Spotted Bass I’ve ever seen. I’ve only ever seen a handful of largemouth bass photographed that are larger than this Spotted Bass:

fishing world record spotted bass

YouTube / Guardian Tackle

That fish could easily swallow the 3-4lb smallmouth bass I’m used to catching up in the Adirondack Mountains in upstate New York, or the 3-4lb largemouth bass I’m accustomed to reeling in here in Florida. Come to think of it, I’m having a lot of trouble catching any bass larger than 5-pounds. You readers have any bass fishing tips for me? I’m more of an inshore saltwater guy and I’ll take any tips you’ve got. Hit me down below in the comments.

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