I Nominate This Hungarian Soccer Player For Worst Flop In The History Of Sports

Flopping exists in a lot more sports than just Soccer, but flopping is also a frequently cited reason for why most Americans don’t give one flying fiddlestick about watching ‘the beautiful game’.

You see a ton of flopping in basketball, most notably when LeBron James is on the court. You see it in hockey but it’s both less frequent and often better disguised. Only in soccer do you witness flops so atrocious it makes you want to burn it all down. This, my bros, is one of those flops that’s so horrendous it will make you want to slap a baby.

Hungarian soccer player Danko Lazovic’s flop is so fucking bad I suddenly have the urge to find some European online and engage him in an argument about why it’s called soccer and how calling it ‘football‘ makes you sound like a goddamn moron.

Just look at this flop, look at it one more time:

I nominate Danko Lazovic’s flop as the single words flop in the history of sports. I hope that his Hungarian club, Videoton, makes him wear a dunce hat from now until the end of time. I hope that the club is fined heavily for employing someone willing to throw down the most egregious flop in the history of sports. I really, really hope for all of these things.

[h/t Reddit’s R/videos]

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