Watch This Naked Woman Wreck Security And Completely Screw Up A Rugby Championship Game


Do people actually watch rugby for the sport, or do they watch because everyone’s taking bets on how far the streakers are gonna make it across the field? If I lived in a country that gave a shit about rugby I’d be the first to make an underground streaker betting ring that watches games solely to see naked people run around. Perfect example? The New Zealand vs. Argentina Rugby Championship Game on Saturday in Napier, where this woman managed to avoid security for the majority of the field and dodge a tackle or two.


Streaking has become such an issue during rugby matches that All Blacks coach Steven Hansen was prompted to make this statement after the game:

You get these lunatics who want to run onto the field and disrupt the game,” he said. “They’re just a pain in the backside. The question is: how do they get on? [The security guards] do really good tackles at the end of it, but they probably should be doing some before they get on; that’d be handy.

Pain in the backside, or most amusing part of the sport?

[H/T Uproxx]