WWE news and rumors: Undertaker’s real reaction to Wrestlemania streak ending

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News leaks about how the Undertaker reacted to Vince McMahon’s request that his streak end at Wrestlemania XXX, plus a WWE champ is being stripped of the title and a possible match added to Extreme Rules in today’s rumors.

Undertaker’s reaction to Wrestlemania streak

According to Wrestling Observer Newsletter, there has been a major misconception and rumor circulating about the end of The Undertaker’s impressive Wrestlemania win streak. Many are speculating it was Taker’s call to end it.

Taker was scheduled to pick up the victory, and extend the streak, up until a few days prior to Wrestlemania XXX. Somewhere along the line, Vince McMahon changed his mind about the match. Many feel it was after Vince saw that Undertaker’s physical condition wasn’t the best and the chance of it being his very last match was a strong possibility.

One anonymous source close to “the dead man” said Taker was talked into the ending while another source close to the situation said that Taker didn’t argue the decision. Only Undertaker and Vince know the real story but, I’ve got to think, after all the years of service if Undertaker didn’t want to put Brock over, he could have made his case and won. But, every story ever about the Undertaker backstage states he puts company first, so him listening to Vince’s wishes isn’t a shock either.

Possible match edition to Extreme Rules

There are two possible matches being thrown around by WWE officials. The first involves the outcome of the Intercontinental Championship final on Raw between Cesaro and Rob Van Dam and who comes out on the losing end. The other was teased in the attack during the tag team match which saw Ryback and Curtis Axel ambush the Usos.

Ryback and Curtis Axel vs. The Usos for the WWE Tag Team Titles will most likely be added to the Extreme Rules card.

Champion stripped of title

According to PWInsider, WWE will announce that NXT General Manager JBL has stripped NXT Women’s champion Paige of her belt. JBL’s reason — she can’t the NXT title and the WWE Divas championship at the same time.

A segment taped at last week’s Raw will be inserted into this week’s NXT TV and released online. The segment features Paige refusing but finally conceding to the ruling.

Hulk Hogan to appear in major Hollywood blockbuster

Blitz.Bg reports that WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan will appearing in the upcoming blockbuster, The Expendables 4. Hogan was a favorite to appear in the third installment of the franchise back in October of 2013.

He told fans that he will appear in the fourth movie, writing on his Twitter account last fall that “Brother, they already had the actors. Relax, I’m in the fourth part.”

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