WWE Raw Recap And Results For April 27, 2015

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The night after Extreme Rules, RAW emanates live from the Resch Center in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

When Extreme Rules went off the air last night, Seth Rollins managed to retain his WWE World Heavyweight Championship on a technicality, John Cena survived a brutal Russian chain match with Rusev, the New Day clapped their way to the WWE Tag Team Championship and Roman Reigns reigned over The Big Show.

Check back tonight for a complete Raw recap but here are just a few storylines and questions to keep in mind before tonight’s show.

– Now that Randy Orton is out of the title picture, will Roman Reigns finally get his shot at Seth Rollins and retribution for Rollins stealing Reigns’s chance at heavyweight gold at Wrestlemania?

– Will Kane have to answer to The Authority for his chokeslam of Seth Rollins?

– The King Of The Ring starts tonight on Raw — who will compete in the 8-man tournament and who’ll move on to the finals and semi-finals on Tuesday night in a special live broadcast on the WWE Network?

– Will Cesaro and Tyson Kidd get a rematch against The New Day?

– How will John Cena respond to The Authority already granting Rusev an “I Quit” match at WWE Payback 2015?

These question and more will hopefully be answered tonight. Check back for the complete Raw recap along with observations, GIFs, the five most important moments, comments and even a couple jokes — because god knows there’s always plenty to laugh about in the WWE these days.

WWE Raw Recap And Results For April 27, 2015

In the words of The Lion King…The King (of the Ring)…has returned.

Opening segment: Seth Rollins makes his way to the ring with Kane and J&J Security grinning from ear to ear. Seth Rollins talks about how he built The Shield, destroyed The Shield, cashed in Money in the Bank to defeat Brock Lesnar and Roman Reigns. Seth explains that he will be a fighting champion and that he single handedly beat Randy Orton all by his big boy self. Seth takes a jab at Kane for doing a great job as “the crypt keeper” at Extreme Rules and Kane fires (no pun intended) by saying that he would rather be WWE’s version of the crypt keeper than WWE’s version of Justin Bieber. Randy Orton interrupts the bickering and says that he’s entitled to a rematch since Seth “Catwoman” Rollins used the banned RKO at Extreme Rules. Roman Reigns makes his way through the crowd because if anyone is going to make random references from the 90s, he wants to join in too! Roman boasts about beating The Big Show and that he thinks he’s also in line for a WWE title match. Kane then jumps into hot potato and says the WWE Universe will decide who will face Seth Rollins at Payback, but before that, Orton and Reigns will be in tag team action tonight on Raw.

Bad News Barrett DEFEATS Dolph Ziggler (King of the Ring 1st Round) The King of the Ring tournament is back and rather than have it return as a PPV and replace one of the awful PPVs like Fast Lane, Payback, or Over The Limit, it starts tonight on Raw and will conclude on the WWE Network Tuesday night! Luckily, Dolph Ziggler doesn’t have pink eye from Extreme Rules for his match tonight. Also, side note, does anyone know where I can get one of those Bad News Barrett capes? Ziggler and Barrett have a great back and forth match until Sheamus comes on the stage with a mic and does his audition for Mick Foley’s comedy show by telling jokes about Sheamus’ arse which allows Bad News Barrett to pick up the win. Ol’ BNB advances to the semi-finals!

Big E DEFEATS Tyson Kidd: The New Day enter the arena not only with the Tag Team Championships, but they also got custody of Christian’s old fireworks. Tyson Kidd controls most of the match until Big E clotheslines Kidd and goes for the pin. Xavier Woods from the outside holds onto Tyson Kidd’s foot so he can’t kick out of the pin. The New Day picks up the win and the clap.

Ryback EATS Bo Dallas: Bo Dallas comes out to the usual Bo-Lieve nonsense and runs down Green Bay (can you blame him?). Bo should really start explaining why he’s looking more and more like Splinter from Ninja Turtles. Ryback defeats Bo Dallas and Bray Wyatt appears after the match and delivers a Sister Abigail to Ryback. I think Bo Dallas evolved into a Bray Wyatt like a Pokemon. It’s super effective!!

John Cena’s United States Open Mic Challenge featuring Heath Slater: John Cena grabs the mic and says something something something never give up blah blah blah champ here derp har dee har har. Listen, you know who he is, you know exactly what he said last night even if you didn’t watch the show. Heath Slater answers the open challenge but gets stopped by Rusev and Lana. The crowd cheers for Lana and Rusev ships her to the back like a Russian mail order bride. Rusev says that Cena will yell “I quit” just like the rest of America.

Backstage, Seth Rollins comes in and throws a temper tantrum until Kane says that not only will the WWE Universe decide if Rollins will face Orton OR Reigns at Payback, but they can also decide if Rollins will face Orton AND Reigns at Payback in a Triple Threat.

R-Truth DEFEATS Stardust (King of the Ring 1st Round): Both men explain what they would do if they were King. R-Truth says that he’ll get rid of all spiders in WWE and Stardust basically says he’ll just haunt my dreams. R-Truth advances to the next round! Watch out spiders!!

Adam Rose DEFEATS Fandango: In this best out 391 series, Fandango does an amazing dive to the outside onto Adam Rose and a couple Rosebuds but then one of the Rosebuds is revealed to be Rosa Mendes. She costs Fandango the match by dancing around and in a shocking turn of events, WWE gives Rosa a microphone and says that she found someone who will treat her right. Rosa then makes out with Adam Rose for an uncomfortable amount of time. Looks like the power couple of AdamRosa is born.

Backstage, we get an update on Daniel Bryan by Brie Bella. Even when she’s supposed to talk like a real person and show emotion, Brie is still just awful. Looks like WWE is going to try and sneak the Bellas into being babyfaces by riding Daniel Bryan’s coat tails. Naomi shows up and pushes Brie Bella down and says no one cares about her or her husband.

Naomi DEFEATS Brie Bella: If a Bella is in a match and the other Bella doesn’t scream “CMON” 385907 times then did the match ever really happen? Naomi is dominant for most of the match with her LA Gear Light Up shoes and pins Brie with a fruit roll-up.

Sheamus DEFEATS Dean Ambrose (King of the Ring 1st Round): Ambrose and the former King of the Ring winner really brawl it out during this match. Props to a small group of guys for chanting “Foghorn Leghorn” at Sheamus. I say, I say, I say the rest of the Green Bay audience could take a lesson from these boys. Dolph Ziggler crashes the party and attacks Sheamus which results in Sheamus qualifying into the next round. So, rather than do what Sheamus did and be distracting with jokes (Ziggler has been doing stand-up by the way) Ziggler causes the DQ.

Damien Sandow reintroduces himself to the WWE Universe and says that he’s going to be honest with us. Damien explains what’s been going on with his character over the past couple years and takes us down memory lane with his past gimmicks like Magneto & Mr. McMahon. He thanks the WWE Universe for sticking with him and allowing him to be entertaining even when WWE management told him that he wasn’t entertaining. The Universe chants “Thank You Sandow” and with a grin, he responds with “You’re Welcome.” Curtis Axelmania interrupts and says that he hates when people pretend to be other people. Sandow begins to mimic Axel until they brawl for a bit. Sandow comes out on top. Hallelujah.

Neville DEFEATS Luke Harper (King of the Ring 1st Round): Luke Harper gets a little more mic time and says that he’ll rule as king on a throne of barbed wire and twisted metal. Luke Harper doesn’t get enough credit for being entertaining. Neville keeps the quick pace throughout the match by flying all around the ring with the random bursts of defensive moves by Harper. Green Bay FINALLY wakes up 2 and a half hours into the show to chant “This is awesome” and “NXT!” Neville pulls out the win with The Red Arrow. Neville soars into the semi-finals.

MAIN EVENT: Roman Reigns/Randy Orton DEFEAT Seth Rollins/Kane The match starts with a “Justin Bieber” chant. Seth Rollins is hesitant and has to regroup with Kane and J&J Security a couple of times. An evenly played back and forth match until Kane tries to chokeslam Reigns but he powers out of it and Seth Rollins accidentally dropkicks Kane. Reigns Superman punches Joey Mercury and gets tossed out of the ring by Rollins. Orton tries to capitalize on all the chaos and dives into Kane on the outside. Kane flips out and throws Rollins back into the ring to be welcomed with a Superman punch and an RKO.

We then find out that at Payback, it will be a Triple Threat match for the WWE Championship and we top off Raw with a spear to Seth Rollins. Thanks for reading the Raw recap. Be back next week!

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