The XFL Is Already Coming For The USFL’s Neck By Promising Higher Salaries, Full Housing, And More Roster Spots For Players


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  • The USFL had a successful debut weekend.
  • On Monday, XFL execs met with agents to promise higher salaries and other enticing benefits for players next season.
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The XFL is ready to compete with USFL next season.

After their first weekend of games, the USFL boasted about their ratings on social media.

On the Monday after the USFL debut weekend, XFL execs held virtual meetings with agents where they promised higher salaries, full housing benefits, and more roster spots than their counterparts.


The XFL continued its efforts to counterprogram the USFL’s return to the field by convening a virtual meeting of agents Monday night to pitch them on the league’s plans for 2023 and beyond, a source told ESPN.

Ross, Whaley and Giglio also suggested that the XFL’s season schedule, which will begin in February and end in May, would be more “advantageous” for players who want to get subsequent consideration from NFL teams, according to an internal outline of the meeting obtained by ESPN.

USFL players are receiving $4,500 per week in addition to bonuses if their team wins. They also receive subsidized housing during the regular season; The USFL pays $75 toward a daily $150 hotel room rate at the league’s one-site location in Birmingham, Alabama. Ross and Whaley told agents that XFL salaries will be higher and will include full housing and meal costs during the season.

Each of the XFL’s eight teams is expected to have 70-man rosters, with 45 active for games, translating to 560 jobs for players — about 200 more than the current roster limits of the USFL.

The USFL has already implemented the ability to block current players from going to the XFL next season by signing them to contracts with a one-year team option.