Yoenis Cespedes Showed Up To Spring Training In A Sick Custom Ride That Will Probably Make You Drool

Yoenis Cespedes finally agreed to a deal with the Mets about a month ago, signing a three-year deal worth $75 million. He even showed up early to camp and he’s looking every bit the part of a freshly crowned, $75 million man.

Check out what this dude rolled up to the park in this morning.

Oh yeah, sure, it’s a custom made Polaris Slingshot. Whatever, this work of art is straight out of a comic book and even had fellow teammates, aka fellow millionaires, stopping to snap photos of it.

I can’t get enough looks at this freakin’ beauty. Paint the whole thing black and boom, we’re suddenly on the set of Batman.

Honestly, I would be arriving early every single day, and maybe even on Sundays for the hell of it, just because I’d be so excited to drive it.

The giant No. 52 on the hood is a nice touch. But it’s not like anyone would ever confuse it for someone else’s ride.

While it is early, it’s more than safe to say that Yoenis Cespedes is having a perfect Spring Training.