A PGA Golfer Got Disqualified After Bashing Himself In The Head With His Putter And Bending It


PGA golfer Zac Blair’s just like any of us when things go shitty out on the golf course—he gets pissed off and starts doing things that wouldn’t be acceptable in most public places. It’s that emotion that got Blair disqualified from the Wells Fargo Championship today, though, as he bent his putter after hitting himself over the dome and bending the shit out of it.

Following a missed putt, Blair went apeshit on his head with the putter, completing the hole with the beat up piece of equipment. Unfortunately, there’s a rule about not being able to use a “non-conforming club,” causing the DQ.

While there’s no video of the golfer beating himself up—which is a bummer—Blair did show a sense of humor by tweeting out an old clip of Woody Austin doing a similar move, then apologized for the move.

Sitting at 7-over and in danger of missing the cut anyway, the disqualification didn’t really cost Blair all that much, but it did teach him a lesson about keeping his emotions in check the next time he wants to go all psycho on the course.

[H/T FOX Sports]