Zach Ertz Gets Torched For Embarrassing Opening Pitch, JJ Watt Makes It Worse

Zach Ertz

Getty Image / Norm Hall

Zach Ertz and his wife Julie sure seem to be enjoying the offseason after they both threw the opening pitch at the Philadelphia Phillies game on Saturday.

However, the Arizona Cardinals‘ tight end is getting blasted online after throwing an embarrassing opening toss.

Fox Sports shows the clip of Zach and Julie Ertz standing side by side throwing the opening pitch.

Both of them were a few feet in front of the mound. Considering they’re both professional athletes, you’d think they each could make the throw.

Well, that certainly wasn’t the case for Zach Ertz, as his throw bounced in the dirt. Meanwhile, his wife threw it right into the catcher’s glove.

Fans immediately started roasting Ertz after getting outshined by his wife. But then JJ Watt made the whole situation worse in a hilarious way.

Former players and talking heads began following Watt’s request.

Big Cat couldn’t help but get involved with the cause.

Sports fans had their fair share of funny takes from the clip though too.

Zach Ertz and Travis Kelce have more in common than just being tight ends in the NFL.

I don’t know how Zach Ertz can redeem himself after that dreadful opening pitch. Hopefully, he can at some point during the offseason.

If not, well, Julie may never let him forget. Neither will sports fans.