A Blues Forward Blew Chunks During The Stanley Cup Championship Parade After Partying Too Hard And It Was Nasty AF

zach sanford pukes stanley cup parade

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Last week, the St. Louis Blues took home the first Stanley Cup in the history of the franchise after besting the Boston Bruins in seven games and their players followed the proud tradition of virtually every championship team to come before them by going on an absolute bender.

After the series-clinching game, Robby Fabbri kicked off the celebration by chugging from a bottle of Pappy Van Winkle on the ice, which I’d normally frown upon but I guess I’m willing to make an exception when you end a 52-year title drought.

After taking to the locker room and spraying (and consuming) copious amounts of champagne, the Blues took Lord Stanley’s trophy back to St. Louis for their victory celebration, where Brett Hull appeared to be absolutely shitfaced as he led the crowd in a “We Went Blues!” chant that made literally zero sense.

While Hull put on quite the performance, I don’t know if he even came close to topping that of Blues forward Zach Sanford.

During the parade, Sanford posted up in the back of a car and it appears he went a tad too hard based on this Zapruderesque of him blowing chunks all over himself.

In my experience, there’s nothing like a good ol’ puke and rally after partying a bit too much. Of course, you normally want to avoid ralphing on another person but I guess you get a pass when you’re a Stanley Cup champion.