Zach Wilson Got A Great Gift For His Offensive Linemen, But It Probably Didn’t Cost Him A Penny

Zach Wilson Gave Awesome Gifts To His Linemen, But It Likely Was Free

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  • Zach Wilson hooked his offensive line up for keeping him safe all year, which is awesome.
  • However, there is a solid chance that he did not pay for the gifts that he gifted.
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If you are a quarterback in the NFL, taking care of your offensive line comes first. On every play, the Big Uglies up front are tasked with keeping you from getting crushed.

Should they not like you, The Longest Yard makes it very clear what could happen.

Jets quarterback Zach Wilson understood the assignment.

Although New York was not very good this year, and Wilson took plenty of hits, he is thankful for those that he didn’t take. In turn, he gifted his offensive linemen with a pretty awesome surprise on Friday.

The 22-year-old rookie out of BYU got each of his guys a roundtrip JetBlue Mint ticket to anywhere they want. A “Mint” ticket is essentially JetBlue’s equivalent of first class, so Wilson’s linemen are going to be flying in style wherever in the world that they end up.

It was a great gift and the linemen were very appreciative.

However, there is a good chance that Wilson’s gift — unlike Jonathan Taylor’s gift to his linemen or Joe Burrow’s gift for his linemen — did not cost him a single penny. The tickets were likely given to him for free.

You see, Wilson’s uncle, David Neeleman, has founded or co-founded five airline companies. In addition to Morris Air, WestJet, Azul Brazilian Airlines and Breeze Airways, David founded JetBlue in 1998.

Along the way, Wilson’s uncle created the electronic ticket and was first to in-flight entertainment. He’s worth a cool $400 million.

Thus, Wilson did a #partner post for his own uncle. And do you really think that his uncle made him pay for the tickets that he gifted his linemen?

You can be the judge.