Zach Wilson’s Mom Lisa Gives A Pump-Up Speech That Will Have You Ready To Run Through A Wall

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  • Zach Wilson’s mom Lisa is one of the best follows on Instagram.
  • Her daily pump-up speeches are the perfect way to start your day every single morning.
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When it comes to social media personalities, few are more electric than Lisa Wilson. Lisa, the mother of New York Jets quarterback Zach Wilson, lives out in Utah and wears many hats.

In addition to “influencer” and mother, she also serves as a fitness instructor. With that being said, her best, unofficial profession is a motivational speaker.

Each morning, Lisa posts something of a “pump-up” speech to begin her day. Although she lives in Utah, so sometimes it gets posted closer to noon for those on the East coast, it is the perfect way to start your morning, continue your morning, or even kickstart your afternoon.

Every day comes with some sort of saying. In her most recent Tuesday speech, she explains that it is the day “that we are rolling off the momentum from Monday, so hopefully you were kicking some ass yesterday.”

She then, like every morning, encourages us to get vertical, stop scrolling through Instagram (which is ironic because her social media success directly correlates to those who scroll Instagram), and to put on our armor. Our armor, she says, is whatever makes us feel good and ready to take on the day— whether that be putting on makeup, taking a shower, doing our hair, wearing chapstick, etc.

Obviously, she mostly caters to a female audience. But her armor analogy translates nonetheless.


On this particular morning, Lisa is headed to the gym. She is thrilled because there are no parking spots which means that people are awake and moving their bodies.

We are the better for it, because as Lisa is walking, around the 50-second mark, the wind takes her breath away and causes her to release an all-time gag. It’s really funny.

As the pro she is, however, Lisa keeps rolling and does not miss a beat. She finishes out with a reminder that we are blessed with another day and that we should get up and live our lives.

Here is the full video:

Lisa’s pump-up speech is the perfect to start your Tuesday, and every day. If you are not following her yet, you can find her @lifeaccordingtolisa.