Someone Needs To Check If Zion Williamson Is Human Because These Recent Highlights Suggest Otherwise


What were you doing at the tender age of 17? Me, I was scrolling through my AIM Buddy list trying to interact with a female in between trying to grab the rim on the basketball hoop in my driveway.

Zion Williamson, at 17 years old, has achieved a bit more success than my sorry ass. The 6’6” freak of nature has scored 3,000 career points for South Carolina’s Spartanburg Day School while picking up McDonald’s All-America honors and a written commitment to play ball at Duke. He also has 114,000 Twitter followers on his buddy list.

Zion’s Spartanburg Day team took on The King’s Academy in the South Carolina Independent School Association Class 2A quarterfinals and it wasn’t even a contest. Spartanburg Day obliterated their opponent by 37 points, 91-54. Williamson had 28 points at halftime. The entire King’s Academy team had 26.

Here is a clip of Zion sending an opponent’s shot into outer space before 360 dunking before the first half buzzer sounded.

Another view:

Check out the 9 second mark of the below clip to watch Zion dunk the daylights out of the ball on some poor victims head.

If I ever played this dude in high school, I would probably still be enrolled in therapy. Couldn’t withstand  that much physical and mental abuse in my formative years.

[h/t USA Today]



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