Former WWE Star Rob Van Dam Recalls His First Time Getting High And The Situation Will Sound Pretty Familiar To Most People

Everyone remembers their first time getting high. Some people chase the rush again forever. Others swear off the stuff almost immediately.

My guest on “Not About Wrestling” this week – “The Whole F’n Show” Rob Van Dam – hated the feeling at first.

“I didn’t enjoy my first experience at all. I was paranoid, staring at the wall, afraid all of the older guys were going to make fun of me,” remembers “Mr. Monday Night.”

Rob and I talk about his weird life growing up in a haunted house, his knowledge of all things mafia, scary head injuries, and one of his favorite hobbies – smoking weed.

I asked Rob admitted about his first time getting high. The moment happened much later in life than people would assume, giving Rob’s longtime association with marijuana.

Rob didn’t toke up until after his 21st birthday and finally gave in due to peer pressure while on a wrestling tour of Jamaica.

“Hit it, man, hit it! Don’t be a p*ssy!” laughs Van Dam, recalling the pressure he felt that night. The veteran wrestler recalls not enjoying the feeling of being high, especially under those circumstances.

Rob admitted that weed didn’t become a part of his day-to-day lifestyle until he started bouncing at a bar.

Eventually, weed became a big part of Rob’s life – and his wrestling persona – and his experience with the medicinal value of marijuana led to the development of his line of RVD CBD products.

Later in the interview, the wrestling legend and CBD entrepreneur casually rolls a joint while we’re talking about his life and career.

Van Dam has won a total of 21 championships in his career and he’s the only wrestler in history to hold the WWE Championship, the ECW World Heavyweight Championship, and the TNA World Heavyweight Championship.

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