WWE Cameras Accidentally Catch Fake ‘Foot Stomp’ On Barefoot Matt Riddle And He Sells The Injury Like A Champ

WWE films hours of live content each week. Mistakes are bound to happen.

Typically, those mistakes end up on the cutting room floor because WWE Chairman Vince McMahon and Executive Vice President Kevin Dunn lose their minds and make performers reshoot angles and matches until they get everything right.

Last night on WWE Raw, the new 8K cameras the company is using for all their television shows caught a little more of the “action” than necessary.

During a backstage segment, Matt Riddle had some words with The Hurt Business.

After some trash talk, the United States Champion decided to teach the barefooted ex-MMA fighter a lesson by stomping on his foot.

Unfortunately, the cameraman wasn’t given the memo – or just mistimed his shot – and caught Lashley purposely missing Riddle’s foot by a mile. Riddle sold the phantom “stomp” as though his foot was broken and fell straight to the ground.

According to WrestleTalk, these weren’t the only botched camera shots of the night.

Mace and RETRIBUTION’s entrance featured a random WWE staff member in the camera shot. There was also some odd camera work during an Asuka promo. They also cut away from the WrestleMania commercial before it was over.

Vince won’t be pleased this morning, that’s for sure. But it doesn’t seem like he’s happy much these days anyway.


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