Adidas Is Making Beer-Repellant Sneakers To Celebrate Oktoberfest In Germany

Fall is in the air. Football season is around the corner. Summer is about to stick it’s head in the oven and go die. In Germany, that means BEER. BEER. AND MORE BEER, especially at one of the world’s greatest parties, Oktoberfest in Munich.

To celebrate drinking beer all day in Dirndl and Lederhosen, German sneaker company adidas is celebrating the season with the ultimate Oktoberfest kicks. The colorway is a rich, chocolate-brown leather to match your Lederhose and includes the word “Prost” on the side next to the three stripes in gold, which means “Cheers” in German. Also: THEY’RE BEER-PROOF! In short, the ultimate day-drinking sneakers:

But that’s not all! adidas Originals has thought of every obstacle: To withstand the rigors of the »Oktoberfest« the shoe will come with a water-repellent – and most importantly, a beer-repellent – treatment. With this “Oktoberfesterization” the sneaker will survive every beer shower.

Grab ’em here. Never needed a pair of kicks for the fall more in my life.


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