There’s So Much You Don’t Know About Dollar Shave Club And Here’s The Most Important Fact

Presented by Dollar Shave Club…

Dollar Shave Club understands that running out of hygiene products always happens at the worst possible time, so they’re offering a shave, shower or oral starter set for just $5.

Because they feel your anguish that comes while prepping for a date or running late for work only to squeeze a bottle of shampoo or tube of toothpaste to hear “APPPPLLTTTTHH!” — the dreaded sound of an empty container.

Running to the store every time you run out of a product isn’t a viable option. You’ve got a life to live. Plus you’re going to completely forget you’re running on empty until the next time you reach toward the vacant spot where the shampoo bottle, hair gel or shaving cream usually reside.

Thankfully, Dollar Shave Club is making it easier than ever to stay loaded up on all your bathroom essentials.

Yes, Dollar Shave Club. You thought they only sent razors and shaving essentials and made awesome commercials? Where have you been?!?

Oh. Right. Stuck in a shower with no shampoo. Well, that makes sense.

The goal at Dollar Shave is to make sure men always have everything they need to look, feel, and smell their best. This means putting all a man needs for the bathroom in every box.

Dollar Shave Club offers damn near everything.

From shower products, hair products, oral care products, skin products, and even butt wipes. Because no man wants to run into someone at the pharmacy holding a pack of butt cleaners.

And being a part of the club is stupidly simple.

First, choose a risk-free starter set, and Dollar Shave Club will send reinforcements of your favorites shaving creams, face cleansers, toothpaste, conditioners and colognes every few months. Keep the products you use the most and tell the Club to hold off on sending the stuff you never use.

Dollar Shave Club even allows members to control the frequency of delivery. If you only need products every couple of months, they’ll be happy to accommodate. If you run through toiletries like ten people get ready in your bathroom, Dollar Shave Club will drop a box on your doorstep once a month.

And don’t forget the Club’s Handsome Discount. The more items you buy, the more you save.

Looking good has never been this inexpensive and easy.

Unlike other subscription box services, there’s no commitment to being a Dollar Shave Club member. If you’re not happy with a product, DSC will refund 100% of your money, and you can cancel your subscription at any time, no questions asked.

If you’re still not sold on joining the millions of people who make Dollar Shave Club a part of their hygiene routine, check out this limited time offer of a Shave, Shower or Oral Starter Set for just $5 each! That’s cheaper than the gas you’re gonna burn running out to the store every time you run low on butt wipes.

Join Dollar Shave Club and never get caught with empty bottles again.


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