Ikea Is Teaming Up With A Sneaker Giant And The Collaboration Has Nothing To Do With Shoes


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Swedish furniture designer and meatball makers, Ikea, is partnering with sneaker giant Adidas on a collaboration that could change the way people work out at home. This is probably much different than people partnering to drop acid and change the way people put together Ikea furniture.

Adidas and Ikea are teaming up to study how people exercise in the home.

“Our goal is to make sport accessible to everyone,” said Josefine Aberg, Vice President of Design at adidas. “Working with IKEA, we’ll look at why some people are more active than others, especially young women, and explore what role the home can play in removing barriers to fitness.”

I’m not expert, but speaking from experience, I’d assume people choose to work out at home because it’s cheaper, pretty easy to get to, and never really crowded. According to recent statistics, the average gym membership costs around $58, and people don’t visit frequently enough to make gym memberships worth the steep price. But essential to these two brands is discovering the reasons people don’t go to the gym as often and use that info to design better in-home fitness options.

“Teaming up with Adidas, we want to understand what wellness means to different people, and what role their living spaces play in this. By doing so, we can create homes that are better designed to enable better habits and more active living,” said Marcus Engman, Head of Design at IKEA of Sweden.

If this means either making Ikea furniture building less of a workout, or printing exercise plans to look like Ikea instructions, I’m in.

[via Esquire]

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