No Matter The Situation, LIV Watches Have Versatile Timepieces That Make A Serious Statement

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Every man needs a great watch. Hell, even actor Clive Owen once admitted that, while “jewelry isn’t really my thing, I’ve always got my eye on people’s watches,” meaning an eye-catching timepiece can make the difference in a crowded room.

But just because you’re one of those guys who cares about your style, doesn’t mean you need to spend a fortune in order to look good. Thankfully, LIV Watches are an option, with the company offer the highest-quality Swiss automatic watches for the best value.

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We care about how you look, and, because we do, we’re giving you a few LIV Watches worth considering for certain situations that pop up in a man’s life. Hey, you need more than just one watch for everything, right?

From making an unforgettable impression on a first date, to having the best timepiece for all the adventures you’ve got planned, here are our watch suggestions, which are the best watches under $1,000, so get yourself some.

When Being Active: GX1 Panda

This is the watch that started it all, guys. With both the watch and design crowdfunded, the GX1 Panda defies the rules and stodgy ways of the traditional watch world, bringing together a classically unique timepiece that has precision quality and standards. With a rock-solid Swiss Ronda 5040.D, the go-to quartz chronograph for high-end watches, and has the best 316L stainless steel, high grade sapphire crystals, 3D multi-layer dials, and premium strap and bracelet materials, which are carefully hand-curated to ensure an unparalleled presence on the wrist.


When Going On A First Date: Rebel-GMT Cobalt

Want to make a serious statement? You should go ahead and snag yourself the LIV Rebel-GMT Cobalt, which boasts the Swiss Ronda Caliber 515.H24 GMT quartz movement, and has an attention-grabbing case design that’s flawlessly hand finished in 316L stainless steel. With high-grade anti-reflective sapphire crystals to provide superb protection and visibility of the 3D multi-layered dial, you’ll make a serious statement with this rebellious watch.


For A Casual Night Out With The Boys: GX AC

Sparing nothing when it comes to quality of materials, fit, finish or design, the GX AC is an industry-best automatic chronograph, meaning you get one of the top timepieces on the planet without dropping a ton of money. Crowned with LIV Watches’ intricate 3D, multi-layer dial, the GX AC uses high-quality sapphire, with anti-reflective crystal for maximum clarity and scratch resistance, which allows for impeccably showcasing your dial and time display. To put it bluntly, this is a watch that’ll be passed down for generations.


For A Formal Occasion: LIV GX1-A Signature Orange

A timeless design disguises the LIV GX1-A Signature Orange as one of the top Swiss automatic watches on the market, helping it portray a certain attitude that the watch owner must exude. A hand finished solid 316L stainless steel case cradles and protects it, while an intricate 3D multi-layer dial draws the eye to your watch. Rugged, timeless and steadfast, the GX1-A with last a lifetime.


LIV Watches offer limited edition, Swiss watches for men without the major price tag, never substituting quality or craftsmanship in any of their designs. The watches use materials like titanium and ceramic, which mean they’re light around the wrist, but sturdy, too, giving you peace of mind for any adventure that you happen to find yourself in.

With more than two decades in the watch industry, LIV Watches knows what separates a good watch from a great one. They understand value and individuality. They know there’s only one chance to make a great first impression. And, thanks to their watches, even if a word isn’t spoken, your attitude will shine through.

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