LIV Watches Offer Swiss Crafted Timepieces At The Fraction Of The Price Of Some Of The Other Brands

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Finding a stylish, limited edition Swiss automated watch isn’t always the easiest task. Sure, there are tons of options out there, but what guy wants to drop at least four digits in order to get one? While having a watch is essential in a man’s wardrobe, it doesn’t have to come with that kind of cost.

Thankfully, LIV Watches is here, which offer limited edition, Swiss watches for men without a price tag that will only allow you to buy microwavable dinners all month long. But here’s something even better: The brand never substitutes quality or craftsmanship with any of their designs, meaning you’re getting first-class watches no matter what style you choose.

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LIV Watches knows what separates a good watch from a great one; that’s what happens when you’re got more than two decades in the watch industry. The brand also knows that, in order to make a memorable first impression — and have the right tools for all your adventures — you’ve got to have an eye-catching timepiece that’s extremely limited. It’s why they put so much care and craftsmanship into each one of their styles.

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Whether you’re looking for the perfect Swiss watch for men for a sailing trip, something to wear around your wrist while hugging the back country roads in a convertible, or an everyday option that can withstand the wear and tear of your typical adventures, LIV Watches has you covered.

To help in your search for the best watches under $1,000, LIV Watches actually has a “Find Your Perfect LIV” quiz on its website. From identifying your preferred movement, to deciding on the shape, among other things, the company serves up recommendations based off of your responses; meaning it’s low stress when finding the ideal timepiece.


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LIV Watches offers an abundance of styes and designs, along with the highest-quality Swiss automatic watches at the best value. That’s rare — as are LIV’s watches — meaning you’ve got to choose the best style that fits your personality before your next adventure. Luckily, it won’t cost you the price of the entire trip to get yours.

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