Look Out, Carhartt: Patagonia Is Making Workwear Now

Patagonia already makes some of the raddest clothes for Bros on the planet. Nothing is better than cozying up in a Patagonia fleece in the fall, when the temp starts to drop during football weather.

But the one thing that Patagonia hasn’t traditionally done is market itself as a workwear company. Sure, it’s renown as the go-to outfitter of choice for crunchy granola types who hang out in Moab on the weekends. But what about the grinders who climb utility poles? What about the foresters and Paul Bunyan-types who sustainably harvest trees for a living? Carhartt owns that market niche with an iron-clad grip.

Until now… Today Patagonia rolled out their first work wear line, with tough-as-nails clothes made from industrial hemp, recycled polyester, and organic cotton blend. The new Iron Forge Hemp line includes canvas cargo pants, Ranch Jackets, and Canvas Barn Coats, along with the new Patagonia line of “Tin Shed” snapbacks and jackets.

25% more abrasion resistant than conventional cotton duck canvas, this innovative hemp blend forms the durable foundation of the Patagonia Workwear line.

Industrial hemp has been used for millennia to make cordage, sails, heavy-duty tackle and countless other wares. It was also the original source material for canvas work cloth—so when we set out to make better clothing for the hardest work, we knew exactly where to start.

Built for the hardest work, our heavy-duty Iron Forge Hemp™ canvas needs no break-in and offers excellent strength, comfort and mobility for almost any trade or task. The industrial hemp fiber gives the canvas its toughness and durability; the recycled polyester and organic cotton provide a soft hand and allow a tighter weave.

The price point isn’t bad, too. It’s more expensive than Carhartt, sure, $179.00 for the Patagonia Men’s Iron Forge Hemp™ Canvas Ranch Jacket isn’t that bad in the grand scheme of things.

Go check out the entire collection over at Patagonia’s website…

This hoodie, for the win:

This hat, for the win:

Along with these badass jackets:

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