How To Completely Update Your Look For Less Than $500

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Brought to you in partnership with Revtown Jeans.

I have a confession.

I haven’t bought a single item of clothing in well over a year.

I’m not proud of this fact.

I’m also, most likely, not alone.

I want to update my wardrobe but sometimes money is tight and I don’t have time to wander around a mall until something catches my eye or fits my body correctly.

These aren’t good excuses.

No excuse is every really valid it’s just a lie people tell themselves to feel better about why they’re not completing a specific task.

The excuses about my failing wardrobe end here. Especially when companies like Revtown make shopping for men’s clothing so damn easy and inexpensive.

Updating the options in your closest doesn’t have to be a painful process and it doesn’t have to cost an entire paycheck.

A man can completely update his wardrobe for under $500 if he sticks to a couple simple ideas.

Update Your Denim

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Look, most men live in denim, even if they’re not wearing it to work. And if you’re a guy who does wear jeans to work every day, there’s even more reason to splurge on a few new pairs of denim.

It’s normal to abstain from buying a new pair of jeans, especially if the current pair are broken in, comfy and still holding up.

Now I’m not saying to toss away your favorite pair of jeans but the pair you wear to watch Sunday football and your buddy’s house shouldn’t be the same pair you toss on for a first date.

Just a few new pairs of jeans in assorted washes and colors will bring any old wardrobe to life.

New Shirts, New You

Buying new jeans feels good.

A fresh pair of kicks is fun but you only really remember they’re on when you’re looking down.

Watches, hats, belts are all important too – more on those in a second – but none of these items give a guy the same feeling as wearing a brand new shirt.

New shirts get a man noticed.

Freshen Up Old Outfits Just With Accessories

If the clothes in your closet aren’t too old and can last until the change of the season, consider adding new accessories to freshen up the look or at least attract the eyeballs elsewhere.

A new watch, an updated pair of sunglasses, a better hat and a brand new belt all go a very long way in making any tired outfit seem like an all-new purchase.

Bring An Outfit To Life Just With New Shoes

Sometimes, all you really need is a good pair of kicks.

It attracts the eye, especially since most people walk with their head down now.

How To Update Your Wardrobe For Under $500

The rules to this are simple – choose two items from each category and keep it all under $500.

Jeans & Pants

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[1] Sharp Denim [$79]
[2] Automatic Denim [$79]
[3] Khaki Jeans [$79]

new wardrobe jeans 2

[4] 1-Year Wash Jeans From Flint & Tinder [$128]
[5] Automatic Denim in steel grey [$79]
[6] Stonewashed Jeans from Flint & Tinder [$128]

Shirts & Tees

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[7] The Standard Polo [$40]
[8] The Standard Henley [$40]
[9] 72-Hour Merino LS Tee [$72]

new shirts wardrobe 2019

[10] ‘Pin Oak’ Classic Tucker Shirt – Relaxed Fit [$59]
[11] ‘Lockwood’ Plaid Flannel Shirt – Slim Fit [$
[12] ‘Cruz’ Flannel Shirt – Relaxed Fit [$54]

new wardrobe tee shirts

[13] The Airspun Pocket Tee [$30]
[14] The Standard Crew [$30]
[15] Standard V-neck [$30]

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[16] The Airspun Henley [$40]
[17] SS Indigo Pocket Tee [$46]
[18] Revtown Graphic Tee [$30]


accessories new wardrobe

[19] ‘Surf Shop’ Snapback Hat [$18]
[20] See You Out There [$23]
[21] Nautical Chronograph Watch [$275]
[22] Stainless Steel and Rubber Diving Watch [$275]
[23] ‘Flint’ American Steer Belt [$95]
[24] ‘Canby’ Havana Elm Burl Sunglasses [$75]

revtown crate

[25] The Revtown Crate: Two jeans, two shirts and a free tee, for less than a pair of designer jeans.


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