Mizzen+Main Moisture-Wicking Shirts Want To Make Life Easier On Sweat Moppers This March Madness Season

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If there’s one thing that Mizzen+Main knows, it’s that seeing a guy sweat through his dress shirt is never a good look. They also know it’s hella uncomfortable for the dude wearing it, as the extra moisture causes so many problems that it should be illegal.

Thing is, when the pressure’s high, it seems like the sweat drips. And there’s almost no place more intense this time of year than the NCAA Tournament, where head coaches can be seen covered in their own perspiration from the beginning of a tense game all the way to the end. It’s entertaining for fans to see the passion of these guys come through, but, c’mon, it’s disgusting.

As smart as these head coaches are at the sport of basketball, you’d think they’d be smart enough to scoop themselves a few Mizzen+Main moisture-wicking shirts to help combat such a problem. One thing’s for damn sure, it’d make life easier on all those sweat moppers that are always seen running around on the basketball court to try and prevent players from slipping.

Go ahead and laugh all you want, but Mizzen+Main knows that sweating through your shirt is nothing to smirk at. It’s such a problem that guys go to great lengths to try and cover it up, tossing on added layers which, in effect, only leads to more sweat dripping.

Take it from the sweat moppers this March Madness season, guys, nobody likes a dude who’s wearing his sweat around like an added style accessory, so stop the real madness of showing your perspiration with each dress shirt and score yourself some new technology that’ll help you disguise who tense you might be.

For those college basketball coaches who have yet to make the switch, well, Mizzen+Main wants to know which one needs some new shirts the most, giving you the chance to vote on four coaches from the Sweat 16 to be deemed “the sweatiest” this March. The winner will receive an AWESOME prize package from Mizzen+Main: 12 shirts of their choice – ENOUGH FOR A YEAR! – and a trip to a college basketball game of their choosing in the 2019-2020 season.


Something tells us all the sweat moppers of the world will be happy once these college coaches upgrade their wardrobes a bit.

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