Someone Made A Hilarious ’30 For 30′ Mockumentary About Sweat Moppers And It’s Absolutely Perfect

Screengrab Mizzen+Main // YouTube

Presented by Mizzen+Main

We all know that some of the top college hoops coaches can’t help but sweat while trying to scream directions to their players — especially during the NCAA Tournament — but it’s a look that no guy should ever accept, because there are options. But we still can’t help but laugh at some of these dudes who are covered in their own perspiration, making us wonder what it’s like to be near them as the sweat drips down to the basketball court.

A few guys who know? The sweat moppers, who are there to make sure nobody gets seriously hurt by slipping on all those droplets while running up and down the basketball court. And because our the good folks over at Mizzen+Main know their moisture-wicking shirts should be the go-to choice for all those drenched college basketball coaches, they made a couple 30 for 30-style mockumentaries to show what the life of a sweat mopper is like — and, oh yeah, they’re incredible. Take a look at the “mop-umentaries” below.

Take it from these sweat moppers this March Madness season, guys, nobody likes someone who’s drenched in his own sweat, so stop the real madness of showing your perspiration with every dress shirt and score yourself some new technology that’ll help you disguise who tense you might be.

Mizzen+Main is asking you guys to vote on four coaches from the Sweat 16 to be deemed “the sweatiest” this March. The winner will receive an AWESOME prize package from Mizzen+Main: 12 shirts of their choice – ENOUGH FOR A YEAR! – and a trip to a college basketball game of their choosing in the 2019-2020 season.


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