Revtown Jeans Has The Most Comfortable Denim, So Hook Yourself Up Without Wrecking Your Bank Account

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Finding the perfect denim that actually fits your body shape can be worse than pulling teeth. It’s not easy, especially for impatient guys like myself who hate trying things on and would rather just wing it. But because it’s important to find clothes that are form-fitting and not baggy, it’s a necessary evil to figure out which denim works best.

As someone who has been on the quest for the perfect pair of jeans for a long time, I didn’t realize there was much of a difference until trying Revtown Jeans. Not only is their denim soft and flexible — meaning you don’t feel like you’re wearing cardboard around your legs — but their denim also comes in a variety of options, too, so you’ll be able to find the perfect pair for your frame.


Prior to finding out about Revtown Jeans, I found myself having to spend over $100 for that not-so-perfect pair of jeans. They were trendy. They were tight around my thighs or calves. They looked too boujis. They just didn’t feel right. And the fact that the price tag was so expensive made it off-putting to even consider buying them.

Luckily, Revtown Jeans doesn’t bring that problem, because their jeans are priced perfectly at $79 for all styles, which is great value considering the quality. And because Revtown uses Decade Denim, a signature and trademarked fabric made from a premium Italian yarn and infused with four-way, dynamic stretch, their jeans fit better than any other pants. They’re made to last, too.


Since I’m a big believer in all of the various styles that Revtown Jeans has, here are some recommendations to consider the next time you’re looking for the perfect pants.

Revtown Jeans The Automatic Denim – $79

There’s a reason why Revtown Jeans tout The Automatic Denim as being the “go-to jeans for any guy, any time, any place;” and it’s because they’re specifically made for any task you’re about to tackle. Whether that’s riding your motorcycle around town, fixing up some stuff around the house or grabbing a sixer for you and your buddies to sip on while watching The Masters, these are the pants to experience it all in.

Revtown Jeans The Khaki Jean – $79

Nothing quite says spring like lighter colors, but that doesn’t mean you need to ditch your denim for the next few months until fall and winter return later this year, guys. Thanks to Revtown Jeans’ The Khaki Jean, you can get the comfort and softness of their jeans with a little splash of brightness, which can be paired perfectly for most occasions.


And for those dudes who need a full wardrobe upgrade, Revtown Jeans offers some amazing shirts to pair with their jeans, too, with a few options below for the perfect complement.

The Standard Henley – $40

There’s almost nothing more classic than a Henley shirt. Soft fabric that breathes nicely, it can be worn by itself or layered beneath a button-down or flannel. Revtown’s version is everything a guy wants and needs in a shirt, and it’s versatility makes it a must-have in your closet.

Revtown Jeans’ The Standard V-Neck – $30

You know, some v-necks get a bad rap because they’re too deep and revealing. Lucky for all of us, Revtown Jeans went against that look with their design, because this shirt acts more like a crew cut shirt than something that shows off all your taco meat to the entire world. It’s form-fitting but not too tight, while also a perfect pairing option with any of your favorite denim pants.


Oh, and Revtown Jeans also has a crate option to pair shirts with jeans, giving guys the control to choose any two pairs of jeans and any two shirts — with an extra tee tossed in courtesy of Revtown. Sounds awesome, right? Here’s how it works.

  1. Simply choose your two pairs of jeans
  2. Add your two shirts
  3. Pick out the free shirt you want Revtown Jeans to toss in for you
  4. Confirm your order and, boom, you’re all set

Just like that, you’ve got everything you need to upgrade your style, add more options to your wardrobe and have the most comfortable denim at your disposal to wear anytime you want. Now that’s how shopping’s supposed to be done, fellas.


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