Scott Disick Dropped Over $15,000 Sneaker Shopping, Check Out All The Kicks And Gear He Copped

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Scott Disick Goes Sneaker Shopping Video


If you are familiar with Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” series of videos, then you know how crazy some of the shopping sprees celebrities will go on when the cameras are rolling. Who that saw it will ever forget Ric Flair’s epic episode?

The most anyone has ever spent on one of these episodes is Brazilian soccer star Neymar who dropped a whopping $18,623.44 during his crazy spree.

This week, Complex decided to invite Lord Disick to do a little sneaker shopping, and with his family ties to Yeezy sneaker mogul Kanye West he brought a unique perspective to the episode.

Disick and host Joe La Puma visited Stadium Goods in New York City and talked about, among many other things, people wearing Adidas because of Kanye and why he changed his style from formal to casual.

Scott Disick Goes Sneaker Shopping


On his love for streetwear:
“I love all that stuff but I do like simplicity, things that are kind of plain. Notice I only have one car, one watch—I’m a very down-to-earth guy. But I do really like very simple stuff, like white shoes — I’m wearing a tracksuit and I’m not 20, but whatever…”

On Yeezys/Kanye West’s influence in sneaker culture:
“It’s his passion, and obviously it shows correctly because people die for his shoes. It’s unbelievable we live in a world that people are gonna spend $8,000 to walk in a shoe. I could see if someone wanted to spend $8,000 to walk in my shoes for a day, but that’s a little different.”

On the Supreme x Louis Vuitton collaboration:
“I always liked Supreme, I just think now that they went with a huge brand, it kind of made them a little bit more significant to the general population that wasn’t really seeing it.”

Oh yeah, Disick also ended up spending $15,307.18 when all was said and done – the second most in the history of the series.

Scott Disick Goes Sneaker Shopping receipt

YouTube - Complex

Scott Disick Goes Sneaker Shopping receipt

YouTube - Complex

My favorite quote by Disick in the episode, and the one that probably sums it up the best, takes place when he’s discussing Adidas Ultra Boosts, “I would say this is probably one of the most comfortable sneakers I have ever worn. Not that I work out or anything, but if I did I imagine that’d be a great workout shoe.”

Now that is something I can certainly relate to, Scott. Check out all the kicks he and La Puma discussed and take a peek at which colorways Disick chose for each of the sneakers he purchased.

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