The Internet Is FREAKING OUT After Coinbase Added Bitcoin Cash And Suspended Trading While Prices Skyrocketed

The crypto game continues to get more and more interesting, with a new storyline emerging tonight on Coinbase. On Tuesday night the biggest cryptocurrency exchange in the United States added Bitcoin Cash to it’s exchange. Except it immediately halted transactions of the BTH while the price skyrocketed, locking millions out of the opportunity to get in on a new crypto surge.

The charts tell the story. LOOK AT THIS MADNESS:

Earlier today, Bitcoin Cash skyrocketing in price yet no one able to get in on a *relatively* low price:

Meanwhile, folks on Twitter are starting to speculate there was something fishy — if not straight up sinister — going on in the gold rush. You’ll recall that *JUST YESTERDAY* the founder of said he was out on Bitcoin and putting all his money in Bitcoin cash. Hmmm: Foreshadowing or market manipulation?

Exhibit A:

Meanwhile, over at Coinbase:

Back in July, when Bitcoin Cash launched, Coinbase said it wasn’t going to support BTH: “Our policy is to support only one version of a digital currency. In order to determine which fork to support, we look at factors such as size of the network, market value and customer demand. We make this decision carefully, because safely supporting a new digital currency requires significant work for many teams.”

Makes you wonder what caused someone to change their mind. Bitcoin Cash is an altered version of blockchain that processes more transactions at a faster speed. But that doesn’t explain the insane surge that just went down on Coinbase:

And now it’s dropped back to a trading price *around* where it was when people started getting locked out:

What a shit show. The crypto game is officially the craziest reality television show of all time.


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