Someone Figured Out The Perfect Résumé Length To Land An Interview So Take Some Damn Notes

how long should a resume be


While they both have different end goals (unless you have a thing for office romances), Tinder and the job application process are basically the same thing.

You start off looking for your ideal match, hoping there’s a chance they’ll also be interested in you. If they are, you might start chatting to get to know each other a little bit better in the hopes of scoring a first date.

Sometimes, they’ll cut off contact entirely while others will agree to meet up and make you wait with bated breath to see if they’ll invite you back to their place to seal the deal.

how long should a resume be

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Actually getting to meet someone in person is the biggest hurdle with both online dating and job hunting, and while you can use corny pickup lines and thinly-veiled innuendo to your advantage in the former, your résumé is all you have going for you when you’re applying for a position (assuming you don’t know someone).

Summing up your life’s worth in a single page can be a bit intimidating and it’s easy to fall victim to the urge to make your font slightly smaller with each draft, kind of like how people changed their periods to a bigger size to extend the length of their papers in high school.

However, if you’ve sent in a miniature memoir to a potential employer, you’ve done yourself a major disservice.

Talent Works took a look at the data to try and find the ideal length for a résumé and discovered that your chances of getting a call back plummet once you surpass the 600-word mark.

Talent Works

Talent Works

You want to avoid going past that threshold but also need to make sure you put in enough effort to hit 475 words, the bottom of the ideal zone.

Welp, that explains a lot.

There are some exceptions to the rule, however, and if you’re in the academic or scientific fields, you should feel free to write as much as you damn well please.

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