Former Navy SEAL Commander Explains Why Running Is Always The Best Defense

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Retired Navy SEAL commander Jocko Willink has been dropping truth bombs left and right lately. Ever since he released his book Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual, Jocko’s been working with Business Insider Video to release short clips which scratch the surface of the invaluable life lessons in his book.

A few weeks ago we saw Jocko Willink, host of the ‘Jocko Podcast’, discuss the 4 types of workouts that keep him in ridiculously good shape even after he’s left the Navy SEALs where he was a commander. Now, Jocko’s back to discuss why running is always the best method of self-defense there is. Jocko’s a jiu-jitsu expert but he goes on to explain that the only purpose of his martial arts is to disarm an attacker so he can flee. It’s pretty fascinating stuff, and a life lesson I think a lot of Billy Badasses at your hometown bar need to learn. Also, before you check out the click I just wanted to mention that you can pick up a copy of Jocko’s book Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual on Amazon for $12:

If you’re the type of person who would rather read a transcript instead of watching a YouTube video then here’s some of the text via YouTube:

Obviously, I am a fan of jiu-jitsu. No. 1: It’s very practical, like I said, for self-defense. And again, the goal of jiu-jitsu in self-defense isn’t to take someone down to the ground — the goal in jiu-jitsu for self-defense is actually to be able to defend yourself on the ground, get up, and get away from an attacker. That’s what the goal is.
Now, some people might think: “Well, Jocko, I don’t want to run away if somebody wants to fight me. I want to fight them.” Well, let’s think about where that might end up for you. No. 1: You don’t know if this person has a weapon or not. What if they have a knife? What if they have a pistol? What if they’ve got three or four friends? And now you’re getting either shot, stabbed, mutilated, or otherwise maimed and killed. That’s not what you’re looking for on a Friday night as you’re walking down the street.
OK, so let’s say you’re so tough that the other guy — he doesn’t have a knife, he doesn’t have a gun, he doesn’t have any friends — and you take him out and break his arm, choke him, and put him to sleep. Well now guess what happens? You’re getting arrested. Now you’re getting in a lawsuit. Now you have to pay this person money that you actually wanted to beat up.
So it’s a lose-lose situation to get in a confrontation on the street. If you can break contact and get away, break contact and get away. That’s what you should learn self-defense for. Obviously, if someone is doing something that they’re attacking someone in your family and you have to step in to defend yourself, well, that’s why you continue training all the time — because that might happen, and you have to be prepared for that. Optimally, you get out of there: You break contact, you get away. If you have to stand and fight, you train yourself so that you’re able to do it. (via)

I feel like we’re always taught to never run away. To stand and face our problems/fight our battles/fight our own fights. So it’s pretty humbling to see one of the deadliest men on planet earth sit there and say that it’s always best to run away when you can.

If you’re interested in picking up a copy of Jocko’s book you can pick up a hardcover copy of Discipline Equals Freedom: Field Manual for just $12.50 on Amazon and a Kindle version for $11.99.

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