Kanye West Bought Kim Kardashian Shares Of Blue Chip Stocks For Christmas

Kanye West Kim Kardashian


Like most men, I find that buying Christmas gifts for the opposite sex is not always an easy task. Throughout the year, I try to remember things my wife says or hints she may drop, but that isn’t always enough. Sometimes, I want to surprise her with something she isn’t expecting, but I also want to make sure that my surprises are met with joy and not looks of utter disgust or worse, like pretending to like them and then never using them.

For as hard as buying presents is for the rest of us, I have to imagine that “what should I buy her?” question is amplified by a million when you are trying to shop for the Kardashian who literally has everything. Perhaps that’s why Kanye West just decided to give Kim Kardashian a portfolio of stocks for Christmas. A weird gift? Sure. But for someone who loves money, I assume there is nothing better.

According to Market Watch:

“Okay, so for one of my Christmas presents from Kanye he gives me this little box with a Disney Mickey toy, Apple headphones, Netflix, Amazon gift cards and Adidas socks,” Kim said in an Instagram story video. “But then I open the next box and it is stock to Amazon, where he got the gift card, stock to Netflix, stock to Apple where he got the headphones, Adidas stock and Disney stock.”

Over the images of the stocks Kim wrote, “Best husband alert!”

Close-up shots of the stocks reveal that the “Famous” rapper bought his wife 920 shares of Disney DIS, -0.32% ,  worth an estimated total of $100,000 right now. The E! reality star’s snap also shows that Kanye purchased 995 shares of Adidas, which at $169.40 each as of Tuesday afternoon brings the total value to $168,553.

For the rest of us, $270,000+ stock portfolio would be beyond an incredible gift. Life changing, even. For Kim Kardashian… that is probably less than she spends on clothes in a year.

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