Read This 1976 Letter From A Silicon Valley Executive That Called Steve Jobs A ‘Flaky Joker’

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One might describe Steve Jobs with words such as “innovative” or “visionary,” but back in 1976 he was described as “flaky” and a “joker.” What a difference a few years and one monumentally successful company make. A letter from a Silicon Valley executive paints the pre-Apple Jobs as someone who isn’t going anywhere in life. How wrong can one person be?

Mike Rose, a Silicon Valley advertising executive, wrote a letter dated June 23, 1976. Jobs had contacted Rose to print the instruction manual for Apple’s first personal computer, the Apple 1. Rose was not sold on the 21-year-old Jobs and wrote a letter to warn his business partner Bob about dealing with this “joker.”

“Bob — This joker (attached) is going to be calling you. Somebody at Regis McKenna recommended us (you). They are 2 guys — they build kits — operate out of a garage — want our catalog sheets. Wants it for nothing. Wouldn’t trust me. Told him we’d like to see what they’ve got — we’d estimate — then decide.

Sounds flakey. Watch it!


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