32% Of Millennials Would Break Up With Their Significant Other For A $37,000 Raise

by 12 months ago

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Millennials often get a bad rap for being lazy or not goal-oriented. However, a new study found that millennials are willing to make immense sacrifices for their career. Financial intelligence company Comet surveyed 364 employed millennials who are single and don’t have children. They asked them what they are willing to give up for their careers. The responses might be surprising.

The survey found that 32% of millennials would break up with a significant other for a $37,000 raise and 41% would end a relationship for a promotion. They also found that 41% would end a relationship if it meant getting a major promotion at work.

When offered a “life-changing promotion,” the average millennial would stay single for 11 years, delay marriage for seven years, and wait to have children for eight years. Ruthless.

Of the participants, 86% said they would move to another city if their significant other was offered a better job. Cold-blooded.

There was a difference between the sexes as to the amount of sacrifice that they would be willing to make for a job promotion. Millennial men were willing to delay a relationship for an average raise of $21,000 compared to $51,000 for women. These men ain’t loyal. For a $37,000 raise, men would delay marriage, but it would take a robust $93,000.


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