NASA And SpaceX Launch Manned-Rocket Successfully


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*The US has re-entered the chat*

SpaceX and NASA put Americans into space from US soil on Saturday for the first time since 2011. The good news continued on Sunday after the Crew Dragon completed its 19-hour journey, and docked with the International Space Station.

The trip represented the first time NASA partnered with a privately-owned business to go to space. SpaceX and Boeing both signed contracts in 2010 as part of the first-of-its-kind Commercial Crew Development program. But it wasn’t a free ride. The two contracts were worth $2.4B and $4.2B, respectively. For that money, I’ll take you to space, too.

That might seem like a lot but the US paid nearly $90M per seat to the Russians to get rides to the ISS. Everyone loves a bargain.

Elon thrust

While the news is an uplifting accomplishment for the United States, it’s especially music to the ears of Elon Musk. The astronauts rolled up to the launch in a Tesla (of course) and the ad exposure of the success is certainly going to be a boon to the electric car maker.

Tesla’s stock isn’t directly impacted by SpaceX as they are two separate companies, but it’s safe to say Lon Corleone is on Cloud 9 after this weekend’s ceremonies.

The bottom line… 

The space program used to be about world dominance and patriotism. Now? Commercialism baby!

Honestly, though, it sounds like everybody is better off. Boeing, Blue Origin (Amazon’s space program), and SpaceX are three big names all developing space travel programs.

A little healthy competition has already led to cost savings (read: rockets that land themselves) and will make it easier for NASA to launch programs in space going forward. Supply and demand in action. 

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