Pizza Hut introduces hot dog stuffed crust pizza

by 6 years ago

Pizza Hut

Whether it’s Neapolitan, deep dish, or Brazlilian, I love pizza. I have even been known to order Domino’s regardless of the fact that I’m surrounded by some of America’s best. So let’s just say Pizza Hut’s new hot dog stuffed crust pizza has piqued my interest.

It’s just like Pizza Hut’s normal stuffed crust pizza, only instead of delicious melted cheese, the crust is stuffed with meat sticks. And while this sounds like something you’d see on “This is Why You’re Fat” or “Epic Meal Time,” it’s a real product. Thankfully for your waistline, arteries, and dignity, it’s only available in the UK.

Pizza Hut

I’d love to pretend I’m totally into this idea, but to be completely honest, it sounds disgusting. I can’t see any circumstance in which a hot dog belongs anywhere near a pizza let alone inside it. I don’t even support the fact that pizza is sold at the same concession stands as hot dogs at baseball parks. I’m willing to bet this tastes like complete garbage, and the idea of a mustard drizzle only makes matters worse.

Am I out of line here? Obviously we’d almost all be willing to try one slice, but does anyone actually think this is going to be good?

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