Sly Fox adds peel-off lid to beer cans

By 03.21.13

Move over Coors Light, there’s a bigger wide-mouth beer can in town. This 360 lid peels off the entire top of Sly Fox’s new Helles Golden Lager in can.



You can keep your vortex bottles, I’m turning my cans into cups. Sly Fox says that the purpose of the new 360-degree super-wide mouth is to present more flavor and aroma. That makes sense; it is why we pour beer in glasses, after all. And while that may be the company line, someone in package development was obviously thinking about chugging. Imagine how fast you could drink a Helles from an open-top can? Three seconds max! If people catch onto that, Sly Fox will be selling a lot more beer. We all know that our drinking sessions are based on total time spent not total quantity consumed. That means we will be going through more beers in a night because no one likes to be empty-handed. That is unless you go home once you hit a six-pack, regardless of whether the game is over yet.

Unfortunately, I can’t help but think of a Campbell’s Chunky Soup. That’s my only experience with this type of lid, and it’s really ruining the beer for me before I’ve even tried it. Sure, I love soup, but I don’t want to chug it. I’m sure my soupsociation will diminish once I crack a few beers with the peel-off method. But as it stands now, I’m just picturing getting drunk off of clam chowder (the white, not the red).

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