Terrell Suggs believes Roger Goodell was responsible for Super Bowl blackout

By 10.01.13

The Baltimore Ravens won Super Bowl XLVII over the Niners. At least I think they did. I saw the game but now I’m unsure. You see, the Ravens are absolutely convinced Roger Goodell was responsible for the blackout. YOU WON, GET OVER IT ASSHOLES!

Terrell Suggs is the latest Raven to strap on his tinfoil hat.

“I was like Vegas, parlor tricks, you know what I mean?” Suggs said. “I was like, ahh, Roger Goodell, he never stops, he always has something up his sleeve. He just couldn’t let us have this one in a landslide, huh?

“I thought he had a hand in it,” Suggs said. “Most definitely, he had a hand in it.”

No, seriously, stop it.

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