The Legend Behind the Doritos Locos Tacos Has Tragically Passed Away

By 12.04.13

One such bro was Todd Mills. Mills passed away last week from brain cancer at the age of 41. He leaves behind a wife, two daughters, and the idea for the single greatest fast food invention of the last decade: the Doritos Locos taco. Mills, who never worked for Taco Bell, used to make taco salads with Doritos, and in a moment of inspiration pitched the chip-flavored taco shell to Frito-Lay four years ago, only to receive a “thanks, but no thanks.” Undeterred, he created a Facebook group, the “Taco Shells from Doritos Movement,” which quickly found widespread support online.

In the meantime, Frito-Lay arguably stole his idea. The company pitched the Locos taco to Taco Bell, and after a couple of years of experimentation, it rolled out and exploded. The chain sold 100 million in only 10 weeks; it's estimated that Taco Bell has created 15,000 jobs off its success. Mills never got a dime. NOT A DIME. But according to his friends, he didn't care. “Todd being Todd, he never asked for anything,” one said. “He said, 'I just want my tacos.'”

This man was a fucking saint. He should be remembered. If you've ever enjoyed a Locos Taco, the family asks, in lieu of flowers, that you post a picture on the Tacos for Todd Facebook page. And he leaves behind medical bills. Taco Bell, which made $1 billion off the idea this year, has only donated $1,000. The guy deserves more, and donations are accepted here

[H/T: USA Today, Gawker]

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