Everything You (Maybe Didn’t?) Want to Know About Strippers and Menstruation

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And none of us are bothered by it. (Unless that woman is the President because getting blood on the nuclear football is gross.)

But strippers don't have that sort of luck. They have to go to work, and their job requires them to be naked. So how do they do it? If you thought the answer was not work Hoo Boy are you in for a treat. Someone proposed this very question to Reddit, so sit back and learn WAY more than you want to know about strippers and their lady times. Be sure to read the last story! 


I just cut the string or tuck it in my vag. I also take ibuprofen (yes, I know ibuprofen generally increases bleeding, but it reduces menstrual bleeding, I don't know why this is, please don't hurt me). A lot of strippers don't take hormonal birth control bc it causes weight gain for many girls.


Diva Cups are internal (very cool devices actually) which some nude performers use. But I think you overestimate the number of workers which perform fully nude.


Stripper here at a topless club. We work during our periods and use a tampon but cut the string prior to insertion. There are many panty changes, baby wipe baths, and Summer's Eve spray deodorant to keep the lady parts fresh. I have tried a menstrual cup but it didn't work out with all of the movement. I have seen similar practice at full nude clubs.

The occasional girl that doesn't like to cut the string will wrap the string up in a ball and push it in the vagina but this is risky for wardrobe malfunctions.


Story time!! Once upon a time I was a stripper. I was at it for a while in a club that wasn't full nude. We have liquor laws here that cover how naked the girls are allowed to get if the club sells liquor. Anyway, I wasn't naked so I didn't have to worry too much about where the string was and I got lazy. A customer noticed and asked me if I was on my period, I denied it so he proceeded to tell me I was a liar and that he could see that the string. This guy was a kind of strange ex-con type of person who didn't really understand life on the outside yet. After he noticed the string hanging out he started bugging me about it. He said he loved the smell and taste, and eventually asked me if he could buy it from me. Yeah this dude wanted to buy my used tampon. This was all during a low point of mine (obviously) so I thought about it and decided that $100 for something I was just going to throw away was pretty good. So yes, I sold my bloody used tampon to a customer at the strip club. I went to the bathroom, changed it out, wrapped it up and took it out to him, exchanged cash and went on with my night. Low and behold later on in the night I was up on stage and he was sitting at my table, not a problem right, no big deal, I can get through this. Then he pulls the tampon out and puts it in his mouth then sucks the blood out of the tampon. But hey I made $100 just by changing a tampon.


Most girls just cut the string off a regular tampon prior to insertion.

About a six or so months ago, a new girl started at my club. She had never danced before, so she worked day shift. It was a Friday, and I was early for my nighttime shift, but whatever, it's better to be early than late, right?

So I was in the dressing room getting ready, and I heard her ask another girl what to do, as she'd just started her period during her shift. The other girl said something like, “Just cut the string off with scissors.” The new girl didn't have any, so the other chick loaned her a pair, and she heads into the stall.

All the sudden we hear this sort of yelping noise, accompanied by this poor girl saying, “oh my god oh my god.” She's grabbing her crotch as she sort of limps out of the stall to get a paper towel.

At this point, I looked over and asked what happened. She says, “I think I cut myself,” which was a bit of an understatement.

Apparently, she didn't realize you cut the tampon before you put it in, and consequently removed a chunk of labia.

She didn't come back to work after that.


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