13 reasons why Keri Russell is the most badass chick in Hollywood


Keri Russell plays Russian spy Elizabeth Jennings on The Americans. She’s the most badass woman on TV.

13. She throws a vicious right cross

12. And she’ll put your head through a wall

11. She’s not afraid to participate in questionable sex acts

10. And she’s crazy hot as a blonde

No, really, she is

9. She’s got killer legs

8. She passes on drugs

Because it makes her horny

7. She has a killer look and will often stare into your soul

6. She dominates catfights like no one before her

5. Because she’s the chameleon assassin, capable of multiple looks

4. She’s a cold-hearted snake who will kill anybody, including her husband

3. She’s loyal to her country, almost to a fault

2. Which sometimes leads to uncomfortable situations

1. And above all, in real life, she thinks she’s an actual Russian spy

Photos via FX