13 reasons why Kate Upton should be thankful for her big boobs



A wise man once said, “with a great rack, comes great responsibility.” Kate Upton should remember that next time she complains about her big boobs. Just look at where they’ve gotten her. .

13. It got her a starring role in The Other Woman

Kate Upton The Other Woman

12. It helped her experience zero gravity

11. It helped her win staring contests

10. They provided her buoyancy in the water

9. Because, if pressed for money, she could run a window washing service

8. …or cut glass

7. …or operate as a Baywatch lifeguard

6. It brings out her patriotic spirit

5. And helped her make the ‘Cat Daddy’ popular

4. Because otherwise this GIF wouldn’t be hot, it would just look like a seal clapping



3. Because it helped Kate craft her first tweet

Kate Upton first tweet

2. And provide fodder for subsequent tweets thereafter

Kate Upton Twitter

1. Because, well, I don’t even remember what we were talking about because BOOBS