Amanda Bynes might have a second Twitter account

Amanda Bynes twitter dope

Amanda Bynes, Twitter

Amanda Bynes was officially verified on Twitter the other day, but it’s a different Twitter account that has us curious because it sure appears like it is also being run by Amanda. The account @persiannyc27, which has the name Barbie as the user and has no avatar, was followed by Amanda Bynes before anyone else, now has over 12,000 followers, is following absolutely no one, and is constantly being retweeted by Amanda Bynes.

As Hollyscoop points out —

Any turn-of-the-‘00s kid who spent way too much time on AIM can tell you that the number “27” is probably indicative of her age (Amanda is 27), “nyc” her location, and Barbie, which is hyper feminine. Classic A/S/L demographics parading as a screen name.

Amanda’s already denied that it’s her covert Twitter, claiming that it’s a real-life friend of hers from high school. Did Amanda go to regular high school? Wasn’t she busy “acting?”

So what do do you think? Is this Amanda Bynes masquerading as someone else on Twitter or not? And is she just pulling off the biggest troll move of all time with all of this nonsense or is she truly bats?

Barbie Amanda Bynes tweets

Barbie, Twitter

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