Avril Lavigne’s new video for ‘Let Me Go’ is really good

Between this new music video for her song “Let Me Go” and her last effort for “Rock N Roll” Avril Lavigne is really starting to figure out how to make a killer video. No, seriously, this is really well done. (Even if there is a blatant product placement for Sony Xperia that is really obvious and seems very out of place.)

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Back in June we called Avril Lavigne one of the 66 most overrated women of 2013, but this latest effort, both for the song as well as the video, is probably going to take her off that list in 2014. It’s like she’s finally growing up and figuring out that she’s got real skills as a musician and doesn’t need all that other crap. She looks like an adult, the video is very clean, and the song is excellent. Very impressive.

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Photo credit: YouTube/Avril Lavigne