Bar Refaeli modeling sexy lingerie is our belated Hanukkah gift to you

What? You didn’t think we’d leave out our Jewish friends after giving out Emily Ratajkowski in bikinis as a Christmas present earlier, did you? The best part of this gift though? Bar Refaeli in lingerie is a gift that can be enjoyed by people of any (or no) religion!

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See, this is what I love about the holidays…people coming together under one cause: hot models wearing bikinis and lingerie. And because it’s prime shopping season for guys to buy sexy shit for their girls, Passionata put together this new collection and being the smart people that they are, they had Bar Refaeli, one of the sexiest models in the world, wear and be photographed in their goodies. What they don’t realize is that, in turn, they’re uniting the world! Okay, maybe I’ve had one too many cups of eggnog, but still, it’s good, right?

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Photo credit: Passionata