Carissa Rosario sunbathing topless causes a stir in New York

Carissa Rosario just wanted to sunbathe topless so she wouldn’t have any tan lines so she went up to the top of her hotel to do it. Now who would have thought that a sexy model sunbathing topless on top of a hotel would get people’s attention? You remember Carissa Rosario, don’t you?

According to the Post

Maxim pinup Carissa Rosario wanted to ensure she had no visible tan lines for the NBA Draft Week event she hosted — and caused a commotion by sunbathing nearly nude in Midtown. Ahead of her party Tuesday with the 6-foot-11 Kentucky standout Nerlens Noel, Rosario asked Sanctuary Hotel owners Hank and Brandon Freid if they would close off their Haven Rooftop on West 47th Street so she could take her top off in private, sources said. But soon after she stripped down, gawkers began peering from nearby buildings that overlook the rooftop, and her sunbathing stint had to be cut short. Rosario and Noel appeared at NBA Draft Week’s Art of Luxury Series.

I still don’t get it. How could THIS WOMAN sunbathing topless cause a ruckus…

Maxim babe pops top [Post]

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