11 revelations from Chrissy Teigen’s hilarious Reddit AMA

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Chrissy Teigen stopped by Reddit today for an AMA (Ask Me Anything) to promote tonight’s airing of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit: 50 Years of Beautiful and Chrissy being Chrissy some of the things she said were simply laugh out loud funny.

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Here are the 10 most interesting and funniest things Chrissy had to say…

1. On whether she’ll ever do Playboy.

“I dunno. Shaving all your bits all the time is getting exhausting.”

2. On what some her husband John Legend‘s pet peeves are about her.

“I never put the cap on the toothpaste. But he still doesn’t argue. He looks at me while he slowly puts it on.”

3. On how many swimsuits she owns.

“Probably 300. We get so many in our Sports Illustrated gift bags every year. I have drawers and drawers of them. I should have a giveaway!”

4. On what her current alcoholic drink of choice is.

“Getting into rum now 🙂 I really only drink things straight or with soda. I try not to mix things — love sweet drinks but oh, the calories.”

5. On how she, Erin Andrews, and Brooklyn Decker become such good friends.

“Brooklyn and I met Erin in DC at a Vanity Fair party post white house. I knew we would all instantly get along because we all felt insanely out of place. Been extremely goofy and great friends ever since!”

6. On why Nancy Grace won’t ever tweet her back and what she’d cook for her.

“Clearly threatened. … Stew. She seems like a stew person.”

7. On her most embarrassing story.

“When I proudly yelled at a mom on the plane, telling her to shut her son’s video game sound off. It was my phone alarm going off in my purse. For hours. Had to apologize to the entire cabin and bought them drinks.”

8. On which of the SI swimsuit girls gets the wildest after a few drinks.

“I wish I could answer this…”

9. On whether she’s ever kissed a girl.

“Not passionately. Well. Maybe. No. I dunno.”

10. On her run-in with Girls Gone Wild’s Joe Francis.

“He told me he HAD a yacht at a party. And a plane. Without prompting. Just said, ‘I have a yacht. and a plane.'”

11. And finally, on whether John sings to her while making love.

“Ha, I’m sure it’s happened one or two times after a few glasses of wine.”

Check out the full transcript here.

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