Christy Mack is like a sexy tattooed slice of Heaven, and a little Hell

Everybody’s favorite tattooed adult film starlet Christy Mack is featured in Inked magazine’s 2014 Sex Issue and we have some pics for you even before they appear on their own Web site.

(The issue comes out this weekend and there’s sure to be a whole lot more goodies when it does, so check it out.)

“While not the most controversial Christy/ie, Mack has more curves than Governor Chris Christie,” says Inked’s Editor-in-Chief Rocky Rakovic. “She is the modern day Jenna Jameson in that her popularity has crossed over from porn into the mainstream. With Christy Mack being one of ambassadors of adult entertainment to the rest of the world it shows that not only has porn permeated pop culture but beautiful women with tattoos have become desirable outside of the tattoo community.”

No argument from me. Especially when Christy says stuff like this…

“When I have sex on camera I am going to put my legs in places I didn’t know I could put them, but if I am having sex in my personal life I am not there to impress, I am there to have a good time. If you think you have to impress your partner you are in the wrong situation.”

Photos: Inked