Claire Coffee takes us on a tour of her very sexy place

Claire Coffee, for anyone that’s ever caught an episode of Grimm, is one of the sexiest actresses on TV. And now that her recurring role has been turned into a regular role on the show, there’s no way we’re missing an episode. For further evidence as to why you should never miss an episode of Grimm I present to you this smoking hot photo shoot that she did recently with Me In My Place. This is the second photo shoot Claire Coffee has done for these wonderful people and just like the shoot that they did with Tiffani Theissen, Claire also sat down for a very interesting interview with Me In My Place writer Falene Nurse.

And, hey, this is just the tip of the fun, folks, because you can see ALL the photos from ALL the MIMP shoots including this one with Claire Coffee on the MIMP mobile Web app, which, trust me, you need to sign up for today!

Photo credit: Me In My Place