Eric Decker got to hang out with a topless Erin Heatherton

Now we knew there were perks to being an NFL wide receiver, but getting to model with a topless Erin Heatherton? I didn’t know that was on the list.

Of course Buffalo David Bitton, who we’ve seen bring out the sexy many times before knows that anytime you can get a supermodel to pose topless, then mix in an NFL player, well, that’s going to get our attention. Smart people, they are.

“I am very excited for everyone to finally see our Buffalo ads. It was my first time modeling; so I was grateful to have Erin on set to give me some tips and make me feel comfortable. Buffalo David Bitton is such an iconic brand – it’s all about quality without sacrificing style or comfort,” said Decker about the new campaign.

Hmmm, I wonder what Jessie thought of the shoot. Eh, I’m sure she loved it too, right? (Hot pics below, by the way.)

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Photos: Buffalo David Bitton