Guess which celebs topped ‘Forbes’ Most Overexposed Celebrities List?

We could probably sit here and list a dozen celebrities who we think are most overexposed without breaking a sweat, but Forbes’ top four are truly no-brainers for anyone. The only question is: in what order are they listed?

What’s REALLY impressive about the list this year is the fact that the top spot didn’t go to a reality TV star – the usual annual selection – but to someone who put himself on the list without the help of a TV show. But really, even without a TV show, the honor could go to none other than Justin Bieber.

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Says Forbes about Bieber’s ranking, “Bieber’s reputation has taken some serious hits from his wild behavior, including a bizarre appearance in a gas mask, and multiple accusations of spitting on people, using drugs and smacking paparazzi. His latest black eye is courtesy of leaked video of a deposition in a lawsuit in which Bieber is accused of telling his bodyguard to attack a photographer. Bieber comes off as disrespectful and arrogant — not exactly the wholesome pop star who millions of little girls fell in love with on YouTube.”

You think?

In other shocking news, four different people from the Kardashian crew made the list topped by Kim at number two, Kris Jenner in sixth, Kourtney at number nine, and Khloe in tenth. Maybe next year, if they try really hard they can go for the sweep of the top four!

The rest of the top ten includes Lindsay Lohan (3), Miley Cyrus (4), Honey Boo (5), Snooki (7), and Paris Hilton (8).

Like I said, no-brainers.

Justin Bieber Tops Our List Of The Most Overexposed Celebrities [Forbes]

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