Hannah Selleck is Tom Selleck’s daughter… his hot model daughter

Did anyone else here know Blue Bloods star Tom Selleck had a hot daughter named Hannah Selleck? Show of hands… okay, you in the back, you’re lying. I suppose it makes sense though since Magnum P.I. surely got one of thosee Sexiest Man Alive awards back in the day and thus Hannah’s mom was probably a sexy lady too.

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As for Hannah, she’s 25 years-old, and as you can see from these pictures she is the model in the center of a new ad campaign for a brand new product called Reviver – the world’s first deodorant for clothes…clothes which you will find Hannah both in, and out of, in this pictorial.

Hannah is also a professional equestrian show jumper and has aspirations to head to the 2016 Rio Olympics. In the meantime though she’s enjoying a little side trip into the modeling world. Lucky us. Oh yeah, there’s also a behind the scenes video of the shoot here. Come back when you’re done.

Photo credit: Gavin Bond for Reviver

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